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A history of values

Bemar is the result of knowledge developed over six centuries of Maniago’s blacksmiths art and cutlery history, from the Renaissance to the present day. Marcello Beltrame, the owner of Bemar, is in fact the direct inheritor of the most important family tradition in the knife industry in Maniago.

After several demerger processes that gave rise to several companies, Bemar came to life in 1996 from the intuition of Marcello himself, together with his father Lorenzo Beltrame, to invest exclusively in the development of a market niche concerning sharpened blades and grids for the food industry with the aim of satisfying and meeting the needs of those specialised sectors that require custom-made, high-performance blades.

The production trend and the marketing philosophy take shape along a well-defined line: to satisfy and meet the expectations of our customers through the fitness for purpose and suitability for use of our blades.

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So, over the last 25 years, with deeply set roots and great ability to evolve, Marcello, with the strength of his family’s know-how, has brought to the market products of the highest quality, based on customer’s drawings and design and hence custom-made with great care as if they were haute couture clothes.

A production process on CNC machines, with CADCAM, advanced technology and laser cutting machine, enables Bemar to produce custom-made blades and whatever type of sharpened grid for fruit, root vegetables, cheese, vegetables, meat, allowing for utmost precision in all types of cutting. These are stainless steel food-safe blades and sharpening grids.

Our blades can be smooth, wavy, circular for industrial robots, for immersion blenders and appliances and are produced for leading Italian, European and USA companies.

Currently the main markets we work with are Spain, Germany, Sweden, France for about 70% of our turnover. The remaining part is taken up by the Italian market.

In our sector, excellence is an essential requirement, which is why we have been certified ISO 9001 since 2007. We apply a traceability system to our production that allows us to trace each blade back to the supplier of the steel, the batch of raw materials, the operator who has worked on the respective batch and performed the respective processes.

Ours is an excellence that goes back a long way, and there is ample evidence of this in the cutlery museum, as Lorenzo Beltrame, who is considered one of the founding fathers, did his utmost to ensure that the historical heritage linked to the craftsmanship tradition of Maniago’s art of blacksmith and cutlery was not lost. In fact, our museum contains the historical memory of 600 years of cutlery culture.

Moreover, in the still functioning works and masterpieces, Lorenzo always enthusiastically welcomed schoolchildren who came to watch his demonstrations of forging hot blades with the sledgehammer driven by the canal that harnessed the power of the waters of the Colvera stream to generate the energy needed for the production.

A magic that still keeps on today in the history of Bemar.