Bemar is specialized in the production of industrial blades for food and offers a wide catalog of solutions designed to meet the most diverse needs: small blades and linear sharpening blades together with blades with corrugated or curved sharpening, not to mention the grids. Each article is manufactured with cutting-edge technology that enhances its efficiency and practical use.

In the production of industrial blades for food, Bemar meets the highest quality standards, thanks to a staff of qualified and expert operators in the field. Cad / Cam technology and laser cutting are only two applications of the high level of design and production which allow the highest degree of precision and flexibility that characterize each product. A significant example is the production of linear sharpening industrial blades for food, tempered in stainless steel and equipped with an electrolysis finish: these features allow the maximum achievable precision in the execution of every kind of cut (fruit, cheese, vegetables, tubers). Thanks to the tempered blades made of cutting-edge steels, it is also possible to cut plastic pipes, sponges and materials made of similar composition.