Production Blades Made to Measure

The secret of Bemar's high quality standards lies in the whole manufacturing process that is followed to produce its cutting tools, and particularly in the techniques employed within it. It is the ultimate blend of technology and staff preparation, where the former is the result of a centuries-old tradition, along with the application of the most advanced methods for the production of blades, while the latter comes from the highly specialized training of the company's workers.

More specifically, the use of CAD/CAM technology allows for the production of blades made to measure, with such technical precision that there will be no doubt, as to the perfection of the final result.

Thanks to the laser cutting techniques, Bemar's products will be apt to whichever possible use, with a flexibility and, at the same time, a quality level that will allow the customizing of the cutting tools in an ideal way: this is evident in linear as well as in curved or waved blades, that can be used both in manual and in automatic devices, not to mention the range of Bemar's cutting grids.

The result of such production of blades made to measure will be as spotless as the quality and flavor of the dishes they will help you to prepare.