Steel Blades for Food Industry

Whichever type of food you may need to cut and shape in a particular way, giving it a wavy profile for the pleasure of the eyes and not only of the mouth, you will definitely need suitable blades. Bemar offers a wide range of steel blades for industry, which can be used to give your sliced vegetable or fruit a shape perfectly corresponding to your personal taste and fantasy.

They can be used also to grate food, in which case they will be particularly effective with tubers and cheese, for instance. Moreover, they are stainless, which will prevent any possible rust traces on their surface from interfering with the flavors of your dishes.

Steel blades for food industry are an art, and Bemar, with its centuries-old tradition in this craft, possesses the technique that is necessary to produce a broad range of items to use in your kitchen, in order to prepare flavory dishes with natural ingredients.

The finish of these blades is obtained by applying an electrolytic technique that makes the cut particularly sharp and sensitive, and therefore ideal to model your food in a way that will be mostly tempting and nice to see.