Strips Sharpened for the Food Industry

Bemar's blades are the result of the employment of an advanced technology, which allows for the making of a range of products that can be used to prepare a broad variety of dishes, cutting food in so varied fashions as to create tempting and flavory meals.

In particular, the making of strips sharpened for the food industry is a focus of this company's production: they can be applied to several different tools, either manual or automatic, in order to grate, dice or mince meat, vegetables, tubers or cheese, with such a degree of precision and spotless quality that whoever will see and taste your dishes will be astonished.

Such an ideal result comes from a centuries-old tradition, of which the modern techniques employed by Bemar's staff are the most up-to-date outcome. In particular, the CAD/CAM technology and the application of laser in production allow for the making of very effective strips sharpened for the food industry, at the core of the secret of this company's high degree of quality.