Stainless Steel Blades Manufacturing

It often happens that you need a specific type of blade in order to cut a piece of food in a particular way. This may occur when you want to prepare a cake on which you wish to apply pieces of fruit or cheese sliced in an original shape, or because you need to cut salad or tomatoes quickly for a refreshing dish in the middle of the summer.

Bemar's range of products offers you what you need, thanks to a special stainless steel blades manufacturing technique. This makes it possible to produce hard but at the same time very sharp straight cutting blades, which are good practically for every use.

You will particularly appreciate the swiftness and sensitivity of these tools as you handle them to prepare your dishes. This is precisely the effect of the electrolytic technique applied to the finish of the blades, that makes their cutting even more effective, at the same time preventing whichever possible stain or rust from appearing on it.

In this way, the functionality of the blade will be preserved, excluding the risk of any possible interferences with the purity of your food's flavor.

Once more, Bemar proves to be a leader in the field of stainless steel blades manufacturing.